Ventspils is aware of the need for high quality  ICT and STEAM education, therefore every effort is being made to draw the interest of the younger generation to using and learning technologies already in the kindergarten, thus showing the children that technology and science are their future perspective

For school students:

Technology activities

  • in Ventspils, thanks to 100% municipal financing, all school students from 1st to 12th grade and pre-school age children attend technology classes with 25 directions of activities, and it is completely free of charge;
  • activities are organised not only during the school year, but also during school breaks, thus providing students with the opportunity to spend their free time productively;
  • a wide range of technology activities is available here:

For school students:

Technology workshops:

  • the offer contains 10 various technology workshops which are modern, interesting and very essential in the current educational process. They provide an opportunity for school students to work creatively through the use of the opportunities offered by technologies.
  • the offered technology workshops and their overview can be found at

For adults

Technology activities

  • in-person or online courses and seminars for municipal employees, pedagogues of educational institutions, entrepreneurs, pensioners and other adults who want to improve their digital competences. Apply here:

An ICT pilot project program

is under implementation:

  • any company may apply for financial support from the municipality to develop a new ICT solution that will help to build Ventspils as a centre of smart technologies.
  • the projects submitted to the competition must promote the development of smart administration and management, economics, mobility, environment, as well as development for residents or urban areas;
  • co-financing to be provided by the municipality for one project ranges from 2,000 to 15,000 EUR, covering 80% of the total costs.

Science centre "VIZIUM"

A science centre will open its doors in Ventspils to become an integral value for both Ventspils residents and guests of the city by strengthening the city’s brand and developing it as an international tourism destination. The centre will also carry out activities to promote entrepreneurship. 

Main activities of the science centre:

  • Thematic exhibitions of the science centre;
  • Interest-related education in the field of digital competency;
  • Development of digital competences of students and teachers;
  • Career education and development of professional competencies.

Main educational programs:

  • Natural sciences;
  • Smart technologies;
  • Physics and mathematics;
  • Geography and world;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Human self-analysis.

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